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528 Hz: Can it cure diseases?

When your environment and your body begins vibrating at a lower or an unnatural frequency it can cause illness throughout your body, mind and spirit.

Nikola Tesla researched energetic frequencies and claimed that if we could eliminate certain frequencies that interfere with our bodies then we could lower the chances of disease.

Just like certain frequencies bring about disease there are other frequencies that stimulate healing and regeneration. These frequencies are known as the Solfeggio scale, which is believed to have been used in ancient sacred music and Gregorian chants.

Each Solfeggio tone is designed to balance the energy of your body in order to keep it in perfect harmony. The 6 main tones are:

396 Hz– liberates guilt and fear to help you achieve your goals
417 Hz– helps to deal with change and removes old patterns and habits
528 Hz– love and DNA repair, believed to bring about miracles
741 Hz– helps to solve problems and express yourself, also a powerful cleanser
852 Hz– awakens, allows you to see the truth, develops intuition
936 Hz– reconnects you to oneness and light

According to Dr. Len Horowitz, some leading genetic biochemists suggest frequency 528 is the miraculous repair frequency for damaged DNA. 528 Hz appears to influence the water molecules that surround the DNA helix, thereby bringing about healing effects on DNA. 528Hz resonates at the heart of the Sun (recorded by NASA scientists). According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hz is the love frequency which connects your heart and soul to nature.

Astral Travel

Astral Projection, often referred to as an out of body experience (OBE) is when your consciousness or spirit leaves your physical body temporarily.

During an OBE, you can connect with energetic or non-physical beings on the astral plane such as: spirit guides, angels, souls of friends or loved ones. You can fly to any destination in time and space of your choice including other planets. You can see into the future or experience other dimensions.

We have access to the astral plane mostly through dreaming and other altered states of consciousness that can be achieved by meditation, fasting, prayer or through various hallucinogenic and hypnotic (including self-hypnotic) means.

Herbs like Ayahuasca, Xhosa Dream root, Blue Lotus, Wild Asparagus Root or African Dream Bean can also help to stimulate consciousness.

OBE can be achieved best when it is practiced on a daily basis. Meditation plays a big part in achieving an out-of-body experience. For some it takes only a few days or weeks, for others it could be months or years.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats and meditation are very powerful tools to help you achieve astral projection.
Research has revealed, that depending on which activity a person is concentrating on at the time, the brain emits energy waves which are measured in hertz (Hz). Throughout a 24-hour cycle, the human brain goes through lots of changes in frequency.

The categories of brainwaves in relation to human consciousness are:
Beta 14-30 Hz (awakened state: normal, alert consciousness)
Alpha 9-11 Hz (awakened state: relaxed, calm, social, not thinking)
Theta 4-9 Hz (asleep, dream state: deep relaxation and meditation, mental imagery)
Delta 1-3 Hz (asleep: deep, dreamless sleep)

During astral projection the brainwave frequencies fall between 1.5 and 4Hz.

Watch the video below to listen to Theta Binaural Beats:

Simple Technique to Learn Astral Projection

Start right before you go to sleep or in the early morning hours when you're still drowsy.

Wear loose comfortable clothing. Lie on your bed in a comfortable position without crossing your arms or legs. You will have to stay in this position for an extended period of time, so make sure it’s very comfortable.

Relax your mind and body. Tell yourself that you want to experience astral projection. Believe it, feel it and let it take over your mind. Focus on your breathing. Don't get carried away with thoughts or worries. Let yourself sink into relaxation. Tell your body to let go, start with your feet and work your way up your body. Let the relaxation spread across your body. Make sure every muscle is completely relaxed when you are through. Let your body and mind approach sleep, but don't completely lose consciousness. Being at the edge of wakefulness and sleep, a hypnotic state, is necessary for astral projection to occur.

Once you are completely relaxed you may experience some pre astral projection symptoms such as rapid heart rate and vibrations. You can even hear a high pitched whine in your head. Don't be scared of the sound and allow the vibrations to engulf your body, you are getting close.

Lift your soul from your body. Visualize that you are rising up from your bed and floating towards the ceiling with your astral body and not your physical body. You can also imagine a rope coming down from the ceiling. Create this rope with your mind and imagination. Visualize yourself climbing the rope. You may feel a slight dizzy sensation inside you as you do this. If everything goes on well, you might suddenly find yourself outside the body, floating near the ceiling.

Use your mind to move your astral body. Think yourself where you want to be. This way you can explore your surroundings or go anywhere and do what you wish.

Return to your body. To return to your body, simply ‘think‘ it. That’s all it takes to return. You can never get lost as your soul always remains connected to your body with an invisible force, sometimes called a "silver cord." Some people are able to see the cord very clearly. Let the force guide your soul back to your body.


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